1 Dip brush into bowl of water
2 Apply liberal amount of solution to brush
3 Dip brush back into bowl of water
4 Scrub shoes creating foaming action
5 Wipe clean with cloth or towel, repeat steps 1-5 as needed
6 Air dry
Cleaning suede is a fear of many. But with Jason Markk Premium Shoe Cleaner and the proper techniques, you’ll soon be cleaning suede like a pro!

Ready? Let’s get started!

1 When attempting to clean dyed suede, proceed with extreme caution. Dyed suede is likely to bleed with ANY contact with water.

2 An easy way to test for bleeding is to take a light-colored towel and lightly brush the suede to check for any color transfer.

3 When cleaning suede or any other delicate materials, be sure to use our Premium Brush which has softer hog bristles.

4 The very first step is to take a dry premium brush and lightly brush the entire area of the shoe. This willremove any loose top layer dirt that may be sitting on the suede.

5 To start, follow steps 1-3 listed on the back of the bottle.

6 Now before scrubbing be sure to shake off as muchexcess water as possible. You can even take the brush and dab it onto a towel to remove even more water.

7 Next you can start scrubbing, it’s best to give the entire area of suede an even go. This helps to promote even drying and prevents any water spots.Repeat as necessary.

8 Now that you’ve cleaned the suede, the next and most critical step is the drying and revival process.

9 After scrubbing, it’s important to move very fast -right into the drying process with a clean, drymicrofiber towel.

10 Take the towel and begin to dab and twist. The key is to MOVE FAST.

11 The dab and twist method not only absorbs water from the suede, but helps to slowly bring the nap back.

12 Repeat this several times. Then allow to dry naturally.

13 In an hour or two, revisit the suede with a dry premium brush and begin to work the nap back and forth.

14 Continue this motion for an extended period of time. Then set the shoes aside and allow them to continue to dry naturally.

15 After allowing the shoes to dry for several more hours, revisit the suede and repeat working the napback and forth with a dry premium brush.

16 Repeating these steps several times throughout the drying period until the shoes have completely dried is critical.