1 Dip brush into bowl of water
2 Apply liberal amount of solution to brush
3 Dip brush back into bowl of water
4 Scrub shoes creating foaming action
5 Wipe clean with cloth or towel, repeat steps 1-5 as needed
6 Air dry
Using our Premium Shoe Cleaning Brush, follow the directions 1-3 listed on the back of the bottle. Before scrubbing, be sure to shake out/remove as much excess water as possible. You want the bristles just wet enough to barely create foam. After scrubbing, take our Premium Microfiber Towel and wipe clean towards the back of the shoe. Continue to work the suede back and forth with the microfiber towel ending with strokes towards the back of the shoe. Allow to completely dry, at least 24 hours. Once dry, if needed, continue to back brush to restore the nap even more.

NOTE: Due to suede's textured nature, open pores, and various grades, it can be somewhat unpredictable. We recommend that you test in an inconspicuous area first. We do not recommend cleaning dyed suede, as dyed suede is likely to bleed from any contact with water. Individual results may vary, use at your own risk.