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Hat Care Kit

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Stay clean from head to toe. The Jason Markk Hat Care Kit includes an all-new, fragrance-free solution specifically formulated to gently, yet effectively clean hat materials, along with our signature soft-bristled Premium Brush. This gentle new formula is safe to use on cotton, wool, felt, corduroy, polyester and more. Designed for quick and easy care, our Ready-To-Use Hat Cleaner dispenses the perfect ratio of solution to water for the most effective clean every single time.

Superior cleaning ability

Safe on all materials

Fragrance free

Specifically formulated

How To Use

  • Use the Premium Brush to dry brush the hat to remove any top layer dust and/or dirt.
  • Apply foam directly onto the bristles and start scrubbing.
  • Using a microfiber towel, dab and twist the surface of the material soaking up as much liquid as possible.

Helpful Tips

  • When cleaning hats, or anything for that matter - timeliness is key. For best results, attend to stains as soon as possible.